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Professional Microcredentials

If you’re looking to progress in your career, hone-in on a specific skill or set of skills or obtain industry-recognizable credentials, a Professional Microcredential might be the perfect fit for you.

A Professional Microcredential at the Centre for Continuing Education is made up of three bite-sized Badges that are flexible, timely and aim to upskill, reskill and boost skills that are in demand by industry. This style of focused learning allows you to specialize in a narrow range of competencies, which complement your existing experience or education and makes a great addition to your resume. In short, they enhance your employability, verify a skillset you may already have and make you more proficient in current or future roles.

Each Professional Microcredential consists of 3 Badges. Once you’ve completed a Badge, you will receive a digital recognition of a particular skill or skill set. Badges are stackable, so completing three in a specific area within two years will earn you a Professional Microcredential — zero prerequisites required!

These accolades are industry recognizable and shareable, so you can add them to your resumé, LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

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Being confident in strategically adapting to emerging needs is vital to the success of any team or organization. Learn how to expertly lead a hybrid team, implement risk assessment and recovery tactics and develop vital problem-solving, emotional intelligence and stress management skills in yourself and others.

Responsive Management Professional Microcredential

 Leading Hybrid Teams
 Crisis Management
 Resilient Leadership

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How It Works

Professional Microcredentials are perfect for: 
• People who are looking to upskill, reskill or build skills
• Those who are looking to gain recognition for a specific skill or set of skills
• Students looking to obtain industry-recognizable credentials while pursuing their education
• Jobseekers looking to obtain hireable skills relevant to key industries to boost their resumé
• Businesses and industry partners looking to upskill and reskill their employees

Developed with Industry, For Industry

Badges, Professional Microcredentials & Professional Certificates

*Employers may be eligible for government funding (RSTS and Can-Sask Job)[---external link or internal links]
*Badges, Professional Microcredentials and Professional Certificates qualify for the Canada Training Credit [external link]

Badges and Professional Microcredentials Offered

Duration: 3 x 14-hour courses (typically) = 42 hrs.
Delivery: Currently remote
Assessment: Participation; 80% Attendance of each day
Previous Education Required:

Dive deeper into contract management, risk identification and quality management methodologies. Project Managers will sharpen or gain entirely new skills in areas such as contract lifecycle management, decision-making and process control and improvement.

Project Compliance Professional Microcredential

 Contract Management for Performance
 Strategic Approaches to Risk
 Successful Quality Management

Develop an understanding of power dynamics, how to cultivate positive relationships and build consensus — even when conversations are difficult and involve diverse perspectives. Learn how to facilitate authentic and direct conversations in a non-confrontational manner and encourage others to do the same.

High Impact Leadership Professional Microcredential

 Navigate Difficult Conversations
 Manage Power Dynamics
 Assertive Leadership